Looking Back at 4 Months On-line
Date: Tuesday, August 30 @ 05:07:42 BST
Topic: Announcements

N the past academic year we have come to see increased interest in biometrics. Governments are deploying methods for tracking residents and issuing biometric passport in what appears to have become a rapidly-inflated trend.

It would be difficult to deny that media is most frequently occupied, if not flooded, by reports and coverages that are easy for the public to relate to. A few themes that come to mind are medical applications and face recognition. While there is no evidence to suggest negligence of other fields, one might easily fall for the illusion. In the coming year, I will attempt to increase the diversity of stories and provide a wider scope with more technical content. As always, you are welcome to submit your stories.

On the issue of statistics, there appear to be over 100 RSS subscribers, 14 fully-registered members and nearly 10,000 page views, so the site is growing. Thank you everybody for the support.

Yours Faithfully, Roy

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