Microscopy Goes Deep Below the Surface
Date: Wednesday, October 19 @ 04:23:03 BST
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NE topic that has scarcely been covered in this site is microscopy. An article was published yesterday which discusses microscopy imaging that is sensitive to details under of a surface. So far, the sensitivity was only sufficient to inspect the surface or peek right below it. As the article explains in more depth:
NEW YORK -- Scientists can now spot microscopic defects hidden inside any material and parasites within cells using a new imaging method that can peer through surfaces to see buried objects nanometers in size, experts told UPI's Nano World.


The key elements of the device are piezoelectric crystals, which vibrate under the influence of an alternating current. The researchers place a sample they wish to scan between a crystal and a probe fitted with piezoelectric crystals that make them vibrate at roughly 30 or 40 million times per second. These oscillators each vibrate at slightly different frequencies, and the interference between them creates an acoustic wave across the sample surface. Any features hidden within the sample alter this wave. The probe monitors any change in the wave's frequency, and when these perturbations are properly deciphered, they reveal the buried features in high detail.

This article comes from The Computer Vision Digest

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