Non-invasive Diagnosis Based on Fingertips
Date: Tuesday, October 25 @ 03:45:33 BST
Topic: Medical

HE following item sounded dubious to me, but it was peer-reviewed and published a couple of times. The method described therein, in a nutshell, speaks of BEO-Tomography, which can help trace the progression of a disease. This is essentially done by analysing images of from one's fingertips and/or animal paws.
Former Soviet scientists publish findings on technique for capturing internal images using a person’s fingertips. The high accuracy and cost-effectiveness of this technology may revolutionize medical imaging.

(I-Newswire) - PHIS, Inc. announced today that two peer-reviewed international journals, Kybernetes and Functional Diagnostics, published articles that may signal the beginning of a new era in medical imaging. According to an accompanying commentary by A. J. Tchizhov, M.D., “I am firmly convinced that most departments of functional diagnostics will widely use such methods of non-invasive diagnostics in the near future.”
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