Image Interpretation on the iPod
Date: Thursday, October 27 @ 14:16:49 BST
Topic: Applications

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The CNN reveals some interesting details about software which runs on the Apple iPod and allows complex medical images to be viewed. This saves unnecessary expenses on costly and large equipment and allows radiologists to work virtually everywhere, analysing motion sequences in 2-D and 3-D. At present, the software is being devised in Geneva, Switzerland. From the article:
We chose to create the software for Macs, as it's no secret that they are known for their graphic ability. They have huge processing power for 3D and 4D images.

CDs aren't big enough, memory sticks are not big enough, but I had my iPod, which has 40GB of memory just there. We rigged the software so that you can click to store the images on the iPod, and subsequently view them in Osirix directly from the iPod.

After we figured out that the iPods were a practical way of carrying these images, Apple brought out the photo iPod a few months later. That meant the images could also be viewed on the devices.
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