Amazon and Paid Image Labelling
Date: Sunday, November 06 @ 03:52:58 GMT
Topic: Segmentation

ABELLING of images in the absence captions is an arduous task. When solved, it can accommodate model building (statistics), image interpretation, extraction of individual features and keyword-based image search. Amazon have decided to handle image labelling manually and they reward contributers in return for the service. They get descriptions of photos without much effort and re-pay using some form of 'coupons'.

More sophisticated things have been done for quite some time. For instance, there is a full object labelling framework (game) where surfers compete with one another (the Web site address is . To quote an article from Post-Gazette: "Since the Post-Gazette first wrote about the ESP Game in October 2003, more than 80,000 people have played the game and in the process have generated more than 10 million descriptive words for 1 million images". This was previously mentioned back when it hyped up the media.

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