Finger Recognition Sees Strengths and Weaknesses
Date: Wednesday, December 14 @ 05:43:09 GMT
Topic: Biometrics

Photo from Business Wire The 'biometric ThinkPad' from IBM, which was mentioned before, has just hit an important milstone. Its one millionth unit has been sold; rather quickly, one might add. This implies that pattern recognition algorithms are reaching the hands (physically and metaphorically) of many computer users.
"Lenovo, provider of the industry's most secure PCs, will sell its 1,000,000th ThinkPad notebook with an integrated fingerprint reader next month, making it the largest provider of biometric-enabled PCs in the world"
Stories have been revolving for several days, which discuss the weaknesses of fingerprint recognition systems. On the face of it, some systems can be fooled in most embarrassing ways that require no sophisticated hacking either.

Below is a snippet from one such article:
"Researchers at Clarkson University fooled biometric systems with fake fingerprints made out of Play-Doh nine out of ten times, demonstrating a weakness of some computer security systems."

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