January 2006 in the International Journal of Computer Vision
Date: Wednesday, December 28 @ 10:24:28 GMT
Topic: Journals

  • M. Lysaker and X. Tai - Iterative Image Restoration Combining Total Variation Minimization and a Second-Order Functional
  • A. Mian, M. Bennamoun, and R. Owens - A Novel Representation and Feature Matching Algorithm for Automatic Pairwise Registration of Range Images
  • X. Pennec, P. Fillard, and N. Ayache - A Riemannian Framework for Tensor Computing
  • D. Cremers, N. Sochen, and C. Schnörr - A Multiphase Dynamic Labeling Model for Variational Recognition-driven Image Segmentation
  • V. Parameswaran and R. Chellappa - View Invariance for Human Action Recognition

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