Biometrics Market Revenue Grow, So Does Opposition
Date: Thursday, January 12 @ 04:02:54 GMT
Topic: Biometrics

Various news sources recite the fact that "North American Biometrics Market Expected to Triple Revenue Growth Through 2008".
"The North American Biometrics Market generated $527 million in 2004 and is projected to generate $1.4 billion in 2008 creating many entry and exit opportunities."
This is related to a previous reports on the same matter. As regards a previous item on fingerprint controversy at schools, there is now an effort to lift the ban and make children 'brandable' by print.
"Some eastern Iowa schools hope they'll soon be able to use a high-tech identification system that's currently illegal. An Iowa legislator just introduced a bill to lift a ban on fingerprint scanners."
Opposition to the concept is also rising in Japan.

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