IJVC Index for April 2006
Date: Wednesday, March 01 @ 10:51:02 GMT
Topic: Journals

  • Rudi Penne - The Characterization of Sufficient Visibility in the Direct Reference Plane Approach for Multiple Views with Missing Data, pages 5-20
  • Tao Xiang and Shaogang Gong - Beyond Tracking: Modelling Activity and Understanding Behaviour, pages 21-51
  • Yaser Yacoob and Larry Davis - Segmentation of Planar Objects and Their Shadows in Motion Sequences, pages 53-69
  • Anthony Lobay and D. Forsyth - Shape from Texture without Boundaries, pages 71-91
  • G. Finlayson, S. Hordley, and I. Tastl - Gamut Constrained Illuminant Estimation, pages 93-109
  • Jean-François Aujol, Guy Gilboa, Tony Chan, and Stanley Osher - Structure-Texture Image Decomposition—Modeling, Algorithms, and Parameter Selection, pages 111-136

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