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What is FXI training?

FXI Is a personalised Flexible eXercise Interval management system offering a unique programme of moderate to highly intensive training with total flexibility in terms of mode of operation (when, how and where it can be carried out), and with the following major benefits above conventional training:
  • Sessions last for between 5-20 minutes
  • Not required to join a gym
  • Continuous management system to assess the benefits
  • Scientifically proven to be the most effective way to improve health and fitness
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness

Access to the programme can be granted on-line and assistance and advice is available from the management team. Initial training plans last for 12 weeks with detailed analysis at the half-way point and continual monitoring throughout. For details about the health benefits, scientific concepts and management protocols see later sections.

What has sparked us into action?

The general public are confronted on a daily basis with a mass of information about techniques and products that will improve health and fitness. Magazines and newspapers include supplements that offer the latest trends in the health and fitness industry; regular gym-goers offer tips and tricks; and the internet is packed with information. We are concerned that the information presented to us is often lacking scientific credibility.

Mission statement:

We are providing information relating to general health and fitness that is scientifically sound. It is designed to help keep our nation healthy by reducing the risk of major chronic disease, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, osteoporosis and more. Click here for more information (short statements and evidence from WHO and DoH)

Research: a unique opportunity to get involved:

As part of our commitment to this project, we are giving the opportunity for members of the public to complete a series of measurements that are only normally available to elite athletes through their scholarship funding, or to people suffering major chronic disease through the NHS. Click here for more information and to register (add details of different measurements, VO2max, muscle size, strength, power, body composition, blood samples, muscle biopsy etc. Also add registration form). We will regularly update this website to report our preliminary research findings. Here, you will be able to learn more about the way in which your body works and how it adapts to altered patterns of physical activity, from living the life of a couch-potato through to leading a highly active lifestyle and competing in sports. Our reports will address fundamental questions, such as:
  • What are the differences between men and women when it comes to fitness and health?
  • What improvements can I expect to see if I regularly exercise?
  • What type of exercise is most beneficial?

Women store more fat than men, but their bodies are able to use the fat stores to make energy more efficiently than men.

Add here short details and a couple of graphs. This raises the interesting possibility that with regular exercise women can burn off fat faster than men.

Men have bigger, stronger and more powerful muscles than women.

This helps to explain why men can exercise at a higher intensity than women, such as lifting heavier objects and running faster in sprints and in long-distance events.

People who regularly exercise have lower body fat stores, muscles that are bigger, stronger and more powerful, healthier heart, lungs and blood vessels, stronger bones and much lower risk of major disease

. Our scientific research looks at how exercise makes you fitter, stronger and healthier.


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