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Opening joke (which hopefully is sexually-impartial): "How can I tell apart male site visitors from female site visitors? Women actually read what I write while men just want to see what else is on the site."



Web sites

  • My first Web site from October 1997. It was hosted on Geocities long before the Yahoo take-over.

        Note: I had to change the permissions on this site. It included some graphics that I snatched from elsewhere. Being 15 at the time, I think (or hope) it is forgivable. I placed some screenshots below to compensate for this exclusion.

  • My unfinished attempt at getting some kind of a meaningful site. This attempt began in May 2001 and occupied only a day or two before complete abortion. It was hosted on a Yahoo account which and later used to test prototypes of DanielSorogon.com.

        Disclaimer: Some of the graphics in this page are not mine (see my notes above). When sharing these pages, I put out what I would describe as an embarrassment. I hope they at least show my first steps in HTML. If you do a quick 'view source' you'll see rough and disgraceful Word output.

In case you can read the text or recognise the images, remember
that I was 15 and remember what I stressed before: it's embarrassing

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