Roy Schestowitz


I have the great pleasure of continuing the work of Katherine Smith, working alongside people whose expertise is far greater than mine. Quite broadly, I collaborate with a group comprising Carole Twining, Tim Cootes and my supervisor Chris Taylor. My advisor is Steve Williams.

Work on the project is strongly dependent on that which is done at Guy's Hospital and KCL. The core of the IRC includes people such as David Hawkes, Mike Brady, Chris Taylor and the administrator Jennet Batten.

Individuals whose work is especially contributory are Claude Shannon who further developed Ralph Hartley's work. Paul Viola and Colin Studholme (amongst others) developed some important measures while machine learning foundations are well-described in Tom Mitchell's book.

For most of my past work, confer the projects section where a snapshot of my current work is included. Given the password, you may access the research workspace.

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