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Re: [wp-hackers] (scalability) many wp on one server without choking it?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

is anybody (apart from me) running an important number of WP installs on one server?

My Web host does not permit many SQL databases and I imagine many others
don't. Do you host it all on a PC at home?

no, dedicated box: http://ovh.com/en/dedie/web/superplan.html

I think I should point out that it's not only the hardware you use, but
also the network it's in that counts.

no issue with the network

And to the devs out there -- how realistic do you think it is to run 40 or more wp installs on one server without bringing it down? (it's a 4x xeon 550 with 1GB of ram) Or is WP really too ressource-intensive

It's definitely possible to have as many tables as you like lying
around. You can start with the 40 and just upgrade the hardware when it
gets too slow.

I'm not worried about the number of tables -- I'm worried that it's very slow, and overloads the server, and I'm stuck between people who say that it's inevitable with wp because it's such a ressource-hog, and others who say that even with a dynamic wp site, there's no way I should be able to take down the server by checking 60 (dynamic) RSS feeds in quick succession.


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