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Re: Plagiarism in Blogs

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  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 17:21:44 +0100
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You wrote:
> Some of the self-imposed 10 commandments of ethical rules you play by are
> good common sense and highly ethical. Plagiarism is at the top of the list,
> and posting an article that you did not originate and then trying to pass it
> off as your own, is a capital offense.
> But as to some of your other 9 commandments, if they had to be obeyed, and
> there was an enforcement agency to insure that, then it would surely drive
> 90% of Bloggers out of business.
> As proof, I offer that almost all Bloggers are forever searching for odd or
> prurient or weird news to scoop the competition to captivate readers and
> pique their interests. Reuters" "Odd News" is a prime source for bottom
> feeders.
> And if you take away politics, Iraq, Iran, race and religion,
> homosexuality, abortion and other controversial, "sensitive" issues, what's
> left but inane garbage? Offering a dish of humor on a daily diet can become
> boring and cause loss of appetite.
> On your web site you deal in facts and incontrovertible information and your
> interchange is with people who play on the same level field. So, in the
> world of tech, facts and hard rules are the name of the game, but in the
> more mundane world of "Mr. & Mrs. Joe Average," well, they enjoy
> entertainment, levity and an occasional look at the world around them.
> And that's what we are trying to give them!

That's all very true. I will tell you why I worry though. Recently there
has been a movement to ban or shut down blogs which are suspected to
involve scrapers, i.e. people whose content is based on that of other
sites. I just want to stay 'on the clear' by all means. Also, search
engines penalise for duplicate content, so when you write genuine
content, more visitors will come.

I think your argument was very well-phrased and deserves to have a place
in your blog. Perhaps any reader that gets the impression that you quote
a lot will get your much-justified interpretation of a reality.

- --
Roy S. Schestowitz
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