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Re: [css-d] Site Check, please!

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Yes, that did the trick!

I only highlighted a few bits that still make the site imperfect. None catches
the eyesight too easily.



Okay, here's what I tried:

1 - I added a min-height declaration. I was using a hack to get IE to understand min-height, so I didn't have a real min-height in there. Now I do.
2 - I don't think there's anything I can do about that...I'll try making the font really small and using a negative margin to fix it, though.
3 - I recalculated the background-position numbers, so this shouldn't be a problem anymore (I sort of guessed the first time).
4 - I gave the user panel div a larger min-height than the others, so the content shouldn't stick out like that anymore. Eventually, I think the middle column will be long enough to do that itself.

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