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Re: mp3 players

  • To: Roy Schestowitz <r@schestowitz.com>
  • Subject: Re: mp3 players
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 04:16:22 +0100
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On Tuesday 24 May 2005 20:22, you wrote:

> Hi Roy,
> Do you have any opinion about MP3 players? I did check your website
> archives.

Interesting that I did write about it before...


I think it started with a discussion that I had in slashdot.org


> I prefer not to get an Ipod because usually I like to stay away from what
> the masses a.k.a. sheeple are buying; however, I did notice there is an
> incredible amount of support and accessories for the Apple player

Many people choose the iPod because of its simplicity. They often talk about 
how automatic the entire installation process has been. That's what Apple are 
good at.

> For the price of a 20 --30 gig hard drive device, I almost may as well buy
> myself a PDA.
> I?ll probably start off with a flash memory player.

The Palm Zire series is even cheaper than any iPod. You can get a 2 GB SD card 
from eBay for a very ressonable price. The Zire is good at playing music 
while it neglects functions like voice recording, a strong processor, etc. 
Again. look at eBay for bargains.

> To me, a preferred device would have expandable memory, user replaceable
> batteries, FM radio and a voice recorder with a decent size backlit screen.

-Expandable memory - A palm has that ability. You can also change the contents 
of the memory very rapidly when you wish to do so. If you are willing to 
spend more on a PDA, have a look at the week-old LifeDrive from palmOne.

-Batteries - you can get a battery extender if you get no opportunity to 
charge after 5-10 hours of use.

-Radio - PDA's don't appear to cater for that.

-Voice recording - The Palm Tungsten series has that function, among other 

-Size - make sure it is not one of those 'monsters' which rarely fit your 
pocket or can drop your pants with their weight. As time goes on, you will 
better realise the value of a compact size. I can actually take my PDA to the 
gym and it is merely invisible in my pocket.

> In the end, probably just buy my kids a flash player that I can borrow from
> them and then get myself one with a hard drive like this Cowon iAudio X5
> <http://reviews.cnet.com/Cowon_iAudio_X5_20GB/4505-6490_7-31383684.html?tag
>= prmo1>
> Looks very cool, but of course pricey

Wow! It does look cool. I don't the large capacity, but it looks like 
something to consider.

> Thanks for your help or any opinions

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