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Re: importing material into figures

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  • Subject: Re: importing material into figures
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 18:08:24 +0000
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_____/ On Tue 08 Nov 2005 17:32:49 GMT, [hagit lev] wrote : \_____

I have lots of material - such as Surfer maps, Origin graphs etc. and I wondered if I can import them directly to Lyx or need to export them first to jpeg and only then import ?

Although  this depends on various settings (e.g. platform, software),  you
may have to do a bunch of conversions first. I tend to favour the PNG for-
mat,  but  have used the vector graphics format, namely EPS  (encapsulated
PostScript)  where  suitable, i.e. when data was not of a fixed size.  For
image conversions I recommend ImageMagick, although the GIMP would be good
if  you  dislike  the command line. It is also available for  all  popular

Cause I tried to export surfer to EMF, but the result in the DVI file was a huge picture, and when I tried to minimize it (scaling it to only 20% in the figure dialog box) the quality was horrible.
Oh, and I did read the intro and tutorial and went over almost all the other guides. nice humor:)

Re-scaling of images, especially if the formats are atypical, leads to bad
results.  Graphical  toolboxes handle resampling better, so I suggest  you
convert the images first.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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