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Re: Am I shut out because of my windows flavour??

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> On Tue 22 Nov 2005 00:30:59 GMT, [Brian Lunergan] wrote:
>> Evening all:
>> I have been reading the material on LyX136 and I've got a concern over
>> one of the listed bugs. It suggests Win98 and Lyx don't get along. I use
>> Win98se on an 800mhz AMD machine, and do my downloading through a 56k
>> dialup connection. Am I shut out from using LyX, or have I misread the
>> notes?

>> It seems puzzling when MiKTeX and some of the other required software do
>> give the impression that they get along with Win98 just fine.

>> Any thoughts or opinions??

> For  several  years I have been using LyX ~1.3.4 on a Windows  98 
> (Second Edition)  laptop with 32MB of RAM and a 400mhz AMD processor.
> Neither LyX nor MikTeX have ever given me a hard time. Compilation time
> was decent and LyX was rather stable and responsive.

Hi, Brian. Hi, Roy.

It's true that we have had some problems with LyX 1.3.6 on Win98, because I
introduced the use of a couple of system functions that exist only on
later versions of Windows. With the help of Luis Rivera, things now appear
to work reasonably well on Win98 also. See

If you hold off for a day or so, I'll upload the latest and greatest
version which I compiled on Sunday.

LyX's support for Win98 is now limited only by Qt/WinFree's support for
Win98. (Earlier, unofficial releases of LyX use an official,
non-commercial release of the Qt toolkit from Trolltech which we are
unable to use for various reasons.) Luis reports that everything is
working perfectly for him but, as always, your mileage may vary.

> If  you  experience trouble with installation of version 1.3.6, I 
> suggest you fall back to older versions. It is more or less guaranteed
> to work. I should point out that I was using the unsupported Windows
> port of LyX (was the  author's  name Klaus?).

If you were using the Cygwin port, it was Claus Hentschel. If you were
using the native Windows port, it was Ruurd Reitsma. Both ports have now
been folded into the official release 1.3.6.

> I installed it on other Windows machines and all was successful.
> Hope it helps,
> Roy


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