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[wp-testers] TinyMCE Shows up Only Partially

Are   there  any  known  TinyMCE  collisions,  particularly  with  Firefox
plug-ins?   Many   toolbar   objects   do  not   appear   in   Firefox
< http://schestowitz.com/temp/firefox_wp2_rc1.jpg >,  yet they appear just
fine in Mozilla. I raise this issue because I spent a long while trying to
figure  out why the interface was incomplete. I believe that something in-
tercepts the buttons and it's worth knowing what it is, then stating it to
user  as  to  avoid bafflement. Is there already a known conflict?  Is  it
worth doing a regression-like test to identify what causes this?

S5 < http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/ >, for example, has an explic-
it  AdBlock  warning. Maybe it's worth assembling a list of plug-ins  that
may cause interference, or at least find workarounds.


PS - I notice that Opera and Konqueror do not bother with TinyMCE. I'm us-
ing  the 05-12-2005 nightly. I know this does not belong here, but the API
key from WP.com gets rejected by Akismet for no obvious reason. I have  no
access to Trac and Akismet  does not seem to encourge submittal  of techn-
ical problems.
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