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Re: [wp-testers] is tiny-mce broken on Camino/Safari or is that my misconfiguration?

On 08/12/05, Roy Schestowitz <wp-lowtraffic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > One browser I'm missing is Netscape. Could you find out the lowest
> > version that works, if any, and the user agent string they use? That
> > would rock.
> I can't imagine that old versions of Netscape will still be available for
> download. Even oldversion.com does not have any. The latest of Netscape,
> however, is a gross re-use of Mozilla Firefox, so should work fine. My
> colleague uses Netscape 7 and it appears to be a close relative of Mozilla,
> which is compatible with TinyMCE. My bet would be that version 6 (or 7) is
> where support was in tact. I have Netscape 5/6 on a Mac, so I could possibly
> check.

Silly dog has a COMPLETE Netscape browser archive.

It goes all the way back to Mosaic 0.4 through Navigator 0.9 (the
first version I used) and on. http://sillydog.org/narchive/full123.php

There is a MASSIVE browser archive at http://browsers.evolt.org/ from
Tim Berners-Lee's original for the Next box onwards, many I had never
heard of.

Here's an article detailing how to run multiple versions of IE under
Windows http://labs.insert-title.com/labs/Multiple-IEs-in-Windows_article795.aspx

BUT, as later mails seem to be heading, I think a positive rather
negative approach it better. Automatically test whether it works and
enable it appropriately (still taking care to honour the user's

Is there a fall-back for a non-ajax image upload and tag insert?

Mike Little
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