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Re: [wp-forums] Why the 404's ?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> To give a more optimistic point-of-view:
> *  Many  people openly express satisfaction with WP2.0. It's rare to  hear
> from people about the good experiences.
Having been in the forums for nearly two years, I am more than aware of

> Forums tend to pull only those who
> experience  problems. Only negativity gets amplified. Given the number  of
> new threads and the total number of download, all seems all right.
If it has been officially announced, I _might_ believe you. Right now i
do not.

> * The site's CSS finally distinguishes visited from unvisited links (using
> the bold face). This relates to yesterday's suggestion where I arbitrarily
> set 'visited' to black colour. I should point out that bold/normal changes
> are notorious as they are making the rendered pages jumpy. The purple-blue
> convention is often preferred.

This is not new - it's the way it was.

> *  Use  tabbed browsing to get past the issue of 404's. You'll  reach  the
> stage when you no longer mind them.

This was a major launch. It has been thoroughly cocked up - Nothing can
disguise that.

> Having said that, I don't know how er-
> rant visitors feel about it. A CMS reflects poorly on reliability when its
> very  own site cannot handle simple requests. I know I'm stating the obvi-
> ous, but overall, some rants seem to be bloated beyond proportion.

With respect, I am ranting from the position of having made nearly
10,000 posts. I am ranting from being in the forums day after day after day.

I'm not going to play fluffy bunnies when I do not think it is. Okay ?


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