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Re: [linux-users] [linux-users] Update manager in Ubuntu

  • To: linux-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [linux-users] [linux-users] Update manager in Ubuntu
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:20:35 +0000
  • Delivery-date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:20:36 +0000
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_____/ On Wed 25 Jan 2006 08:30:20 GMT, [David Sumbler] wrote : \_____

Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

<snip /> I cannot offer an explanation, but I would appreciate one as well. I installed Ubuntu for a friend last night and certain menu items (like installation of packages) resulted in the do-nothing-whatsoever response, which was embarrassing. It's version 5.04. This never happened in two previous installations of Ubuntu (an older version) where everything worked 'out of the box' without exceptions.

The version I installed was 5.10, and none of the package management items on the menus would do anything - Update Notifier, Symantic, and Install Packages all fail to do anything, except possibly to ask for a password and then do nothing.


Same here. The next step I was about to take is command-line invocation for
verbosity. I didn't want to do that while my friend was still watching. It
shatters the ease-of-use argument.

_____/ On Wed 25 Jan 2006 10:13:20 GMT, [Giacomo Lacava] wrote : \_____

> Are you sure it isn't asking for the "root" password, rather than your
> own? It shouldn't need to ask for yours, because you are already logged
> in!

Well, I've tried both, but it rejects the root password, and according
to the Ubuntu documentation, it is the user's own password that is

It's probably an issue with the desktop-manager pseudo-sudo command
(gtksu?). I don't know gnome/ubuntu, but you should be able to somehow
retrieve the command used by the menu to launch that specific program, and
calling it from a standard console (inside X, though, like xterm) would show
you why it doesn't work.

In KDE this is trivial (right-click, edit menu item); in GNOME I don't
know... <insert GNOME-bashing Linus quote here />.

I know exactly what you mean. I once spent a very long time trying to
discover how Ubuntu invokes its VNC client underneath. Apropos gave nothing
helpful and all efforts were in vain. It was then that I decided to launch
gnome-panel (I was SSH'ing from SuSE at the time) and take the abstract
route. GNOME helps Linux inherit some problems that characterise Windows.


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