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Re: [Phpbibman-development] Problems with Import BibTeX in phpbibman

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Hi Roy,

I am afraid I cannot help you. Development was ceased some time ago...

I strongly suggest that you switch to another application. Wikindx is still under active development and the guy who wrote it will surely help you if you need assistance.

All the best


Am 08.02.2006 um 19:09 schrieb Roy Schestowitz:

I have installed the latest of phpbibman several months back. I then cus-
tomised the default Christmas style, which had some colours conflicts
(white colour atop white background). I am very impressed with the func-
tionality of phpbibman, but the BibTeX import facility (which I am aware
was plugged-in from elsewhere) never worked.

I spent around an hour in total trying a combination of things to suppress
the PHP errors and warnings. I also changed server permissions to 777 tem-
porarily and tried uploading the files in question to /files. I was never
able to import even a single bibliography entry and I tried a variety of
files. Any tips/pointers/advice/similar experience?

Many thanks,


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