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Re: Symbol fonts in Mandriva 2006.

On Saturday 04 March 2006 10:03, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> First of all, I suggest you try to change interface fonts under prefences.
> If this does not help, consider more TrurType fonts, although I suspect it
> it *them* that broke things in the first place. 

I guess you're right there, because I only detected this problem after I 
imported TrueType fonts from the windows partition, using the automatic 
importer that comes with drakconf.  I'm afraid to  simply get rid of the 
TrueType fonts.  I don't have that much knowledge about fonts and from my 
previous experiences Mandrake/Mandriva systems become somewhat unstable when 
you fool around too much with system configuration...

The problem, however, seems to be the way lyx is handling symbol fonts for 
screen display.  The fonts I choose on Edit -> Preferences -> Look and feel 
-> Screen fonts seem to be only text fonts, not math or symbol fonts.  I can 
find no place on the configuration to choose these fonts.

Does anyone else also think that this problem is related to the TrueType 

> Last thing I would consid- 
> er  is trying the same on an adjacent machine, if one is available. See if
> updates  to  Mandriva  or some more font RPM's make a difference.  If  you
> found  a  solution, I would be interested in hearing about it  too.  Fonts
> were  my natural instinct, considering them to be the culprit. However,  I
> would  suggest something more lateral because I haven't yet found a  solu-
> tion.  I wonder if an option exists in LyX somewhere, which controls  this
> behaviour because, as I said, it used to work fine.
> Best wishes,
> Roy

Rudi Gaelzer
Departament of Physics
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Federal University of Pelotas
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96010-900 Pelotas - RS
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