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Re: [wp-forums] it's time to do something else

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> You are one of the main reasons I left the support forums.

Why did you post this?
I hope it made YOU feel better because it makes YOU look a hell of a lot
worse than you think.

I value Moshu and I value every single person who decides to come back
to the forum and help someone out. Maybe if more people did that then
the workload would be less so all of us regular helpers wouldn't feel so
frustrated at times. Being all smug just because your own blog works is
fine - just do not take a pop at the efforts of someone who has chosen
to spend their free time helping others out.

Not like forum helpers pop into the hackers list and have a go is it?

And Roy - go read the IRC meetup logs, go read the archives of this list
and go read enough posts on the forums. Fact is that we DO cover too
much ground and it does need reigning in - something Matt completely
agrees with. If we do not then the WP support forums become a general
resource. It may have escaped your notice that we do check it's a WP
blog that help is needed for because we know we are 'exploited' because
of our fast and good help.

Now, either say you won't help in the forums because you can't be
bothered, or say you won't because you can't.

And it's people like Moshu that keep me coming back to the forums.


How about I write to the hackers list:
"Hey guys, I want to add two numbers and I know I start with <? and end
with ?> but what else do I do?"
Now, would I get a lovely group-hug response of "Mate, we've all been
there, cuddle up close and we'll get through this together"
or would I get told to get lost to php.net and not come back for a very
long time.
Tricky.... I hate these 50/50 questions.....
You want what you are interested to stay focussed - and that's what we
want too.


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