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Re: [wp-forums] it's time to do something else

___/ On Wed 08 Mar 2006 19:43:05 GMT, [ Moshu ] wrote : \___

Dear All,

It has been discussed several times that we should _not_ provide
support for non-WP issues, especially basic html, basic css and stuff
like that.

I am definitely not inclined to spoon-feed every "not-so-bright"
beginner with this kind of replies.

Seemingly I am alone with this approach. Whenever I try to "divert" a
question to other places because it is NOT really a WP issue... there
are five-six others that jump in offering to hold the hand of the OP
and giving guidance for basics. (Not necessarily members of this
To which Roy Schestowitz <wp-lowtraffic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> replyed:

You are one of the main reasons I left the support forums.

Best wishes, Sir.

This is not fair!

Mushu: you have all the right to express your frustration on this list.
In the forum, we, the volontay helpers should keep the mode and standards high
and restrain from mowning. On this list we are free to discuss what goes on in
the forum, express our feelings and complain about some members/visitors.

The work in the forum *is* volontary, not paid, and a real effort to help new
and old users of WordPress to solve problems and to tune the platform to fit
their needs.

Mushu has been efficient at holding hands for a long time, and is worth somthing
else, than this kind of rejection. Moshu, I hope you'll be back some day, if you
are taking a break for the time being.

As helpers on the forum, we sometime have to take a deep breath and shrug it
off. People are certainly different, and have different views on how to use a
support forum. Some don't appreciate that the software is free, and that they
don't pay for any support.

The forum is moderated and rightfully so. The work of moderation is not a walk
on a sunny beach. The moderator takes on sensitive matters - whether or not to
edit entries, close threads and even exclude spammers, advertisers and other
foul players.

We have to grow some elephant skin on our noses, and not take too seriously, if
one or the other of the forum users haven't seen the light. And we have to
choose where our efforts go. And we have to take break now and then from
answering questions. It's inevitable that some basic questions arise time and
agin, considering the pace at which WordPress is spreading. Looking at the
download counter, the newcomers every week are many, and you get the feeling it
will never end.

Good! Hopefully new volontary helpers will come to market. Hopefully some day
the forum will be more efficient, so we are able to see our earlier answers,
have drop down lists to select "no response" entries after answering one, have
a more efficient search engine, and so forth.

Let's keep up the good tune in the forum, breathe, take time off and live well.

As for you Roy, I don't deny you right to express your opinion here, but shame
on you for a right out rejection without arguments!

Moshu, you know your welcome ;)

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