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Re: [wp-forums] it's time to do something else

I personally would love to see Moshu come back again, and soon. I never had a problem with Moshu, and even though his replies can be, or seem to be a little "harsh" and "sarcastic" sometimes, doesn't bother me at all. And it shouldn't be taken to heart by other's ("newbs") either..

(And  I even was being a "prick" or whatever before, swearing and stuff all the time, which was unnecessary, in which I was told about it, and I'm now toning it down a bit.. )

Everyone on the forums are there for FREE, helping people with TONS of various issues, problems and support related stuff. I mean crap, I only joined a few months ago, and started using WordPress for myself, was basically "self learning" things, and I even "try" to help on the forums.. 

I don't know you personally or anything, but rather then just blame someone for you're leaving of the Support Forums, why not "suck it up" and get back in there to help people with problems and stuff...?? It WOULD help cut down on all the "Work Load" there ya know??....Jesus! 


As for moshu's outlook on this: "
It has been discussed several times that we should _not_ provide support for non-WP issues, especially basic html, basic css and stuff  like that. I am definitely not inclined to spoon-feed every "not-so-bright" beginner with this kind of replies."

I agree with that totally.. People looking for help with basic html, basic css, and issues of that nature, which doesn't pertain to WP AT ALL, shouldn't be posting it at the WP Support Forums. 

UNLESS it's in-regards to WP, themes, and such.. That extra stuff is only clogging the Support Forums with more "Work Load" then need be.. As it sits now for just the WP related issues and support requests, there's too much going on there.. sigh. 

I had replied to vkaryl's email the other day, that she sent through my Contact form on the blog, with a little more explanation about how I felt with this whole Moshu leaving and stuff, but I don't feel like copying and pasting the whole thing here lol!! (Also,.. not sure if she forwarded it to 
anyone(s) specific either lol)

Roy wrote:
 You are one of the main reasons I left the support forums.
 Best wishes, Sir.
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