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Re: [wp-forums] We need to be friendly.

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
<some snippage>

but the OP can feel like a real pain at times.
That's support though :)
And if the OP is appearing obtuse, maybe we are to them too. It becomes a problem for both sides. If we are getting frustrated with them then they will be with us. In which case whoever was leading the answers just needs to drop the thread, It's tricky though - no-one wants to 'take over' a thread which someone has picked up already.

My advice would be that more people should be encouraged to append (even
repetitively/automatically) a personal pattern such as "with kind regards",
"hope it helps" (not HTH which is mechanised and has many interpretations),
or "best wishes". Additionally, any short response (such as a link-only
and/or one-liner) would appear offencive, much like RTFM, which stands for
Read The Fine Manuals (where F doesn't always/necessarily stand for

I totally agree - sort of :)
I just blogged this earlier tonight actually - http://podz.wordpress.com/2006/04/13/do-not-close-the-door/ - and I do think we could do with a little more of that. I'm not so sure about the 'kind regards' - I've had abusive emails before with their canned sig which is in opposition to what they have said :) - but like I said, overall I think it's good.

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