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Re: [wp-hackers] Reposting my lost chronicle: Revisiting the 'Trash Can' idea...

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

My initial instinct was to say that it would lead to confusion, much like
deletion in IMAP mail folders. After a second thought, I realised it would
be an essential feature to some, so should probably be implemented as a
plug-in. Think of it as thought it was tab snapback in Mozilla Firefox.
There is one additional concern which is privacy, which is the cost of
having an extra layer to deletion. Trash can annoy the user sometimes
because they facilitate a two-tiered deletion, despite a confirmation
prompt, which makes it three-tiered..

It doesn't have to be two-tiered. Delete could move a message to the trash. Then a non-user interactive process could periodically purge all messages older than some fixed time interval: e.g. 7 days. The interval could be user configurable. Anyone with extreme privacy needs could set the interval to 0 to delete immediately with no easy recovery.

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