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Re: [wp-hackers] Hello Noobie!

On 6/29/06, Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
___/ On Thu 29 Jun 2006 13:53:53 BST, [ Craig ] wrote : \___
> Specifically, I'd like the plugins to be sorted by status
> (activated/deactivated) and then alphabetically. [par breaks]

Sonds like an idea to me.

It  would seem rational to just have two 'boxes' (not  boxes
per  se), where one corresponds to inactive plugins and  one
contains  plugins currently in use. A drag and drop facility
would be beneficial, as well (as long as a fallback exists).

Sounds like more useless Web 2.0 OMGAJAX bloat to me.

> Incidentally, getting back to Hello Dolly, I find it interesting that
> even though I've been a WPer since 2003, Andy's post about the plugin
> being a good starting point for new plugin devs is news to me. You
> learn something new every day, eh?

Heh, news to me too.

Anyways, I love the idea of tips, sounds like a great way to make the plugin more useful while keeping its benefits as a plugin for new devs. On the other hand, I don't want to see balloon tips in the administration panel. It will remind users of the annoyances that they get when they turn their windows machines on.

"You have unused items on your desktop"
"Your updates are ready to install"
"Automatic updates is disabled"
"Your computer may not be secure"

All these things popuping up constantly is enough for even the average
non-geeky user to learn to shun the balloons and everything they stand
for, and likely they'd just shun the WordPress balloons as well. I'm
up for other ideas on how to make it stand out, but damn are those
balloons annoying enough as it is.

--Robert Deaton
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