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Re: [wp-hackers] SimplePie in WP

On 19 Aug 2006, at 11:00, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

___/ On Fri 18 Aug 2006 01:53:37 BST, [ Robin Adrianse ] wrote : \___

On 8/17/06, Geoffrey Sneddon <foolistbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Just a quick questions about putting the two together: should I keep
the fetch_rss(), wp_rss() and get_rss() functions (the latter two
aren't actually called anywhere)?

[Looking at nightly /]

roy@BAINE:~/public_html/wordpress> grep -R wp_rss *
wp-includes/rss.php:function wp_rss ($url, $num) {
roy@BAINE:~/public_html/wordpress> grep -R get_rss *
wp-includes/rss.php:function get_rss ($uri, $num = 5) { // Like get posts, but for RSS

Seems like they may be deprecated. The Codex might shed some light on this.

The Codex doesn't, I'd already looked there :)

I take it SimplePie = http://simplepie.org/?

Well, I'd say make new functions then just have the fetch_rss(), wp_rss()
and get_rss() functions act as "aliases" to the new functions... just make
sure the functionality/arguments are the same...

It'd be hard to make the return values the same (although it is doable, albeit in a rather flawed manner, which would absolutely eat memory), as the parsers work in very different ways.

I wonder if SimplePie is somehow related to MagPie RSS. While I don't know what you try to achieve, if you want to plug in a feed, why not just redirect all requests to the feeds?

SimplePie 0.8, which was released back in 2004, was no more than a set of API functions for Magpie to try and make it easier to use. Since then, it's been a feed parser in its own right.

Oh, and is anyone gonna put a log of last night's meetup on the codex?

It usually gets pasted into the Wiki. The archive seemed complete the last time I looked. *smile*

2006-08-16 isn't up there, and there was a discussion about replacing Magpie with it (as Magpie is now rarely updated, its support for RSS 2.0 is sketchy, yet alone any Atom 1.0 support).

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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