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RE: [wp-hackers] WP-Hackers on Google Groups

___/ On Sat 21 Oct 2006 22:58:25 BST, [ Charles ] wrote : \___

Nabble's use of content is not much different from Google's
exploitation of UseNet.

Google Groups is just a web interface/gateway to Usenet.

Would anyone reply to messags from the 80's? The raison detre of Google was to provide access to content, maybe provide some tools (e.g. Google Video, Goo-Tube, Web authoring, blog hosting), but not to become a repository.

Is Nabble scraping content from Google Groups, or from the list directly?

The list, in the form of E-mail input. In any case, the archives are static. With an Alexa rank of ~8000, however gross and inaccurate these things may be, it's nothing to sneeze at. Lastly, it uses a viral marketing technique to spread itself.

Then again, many so-called 'forums' use the same techniques to absorb 'Googlejuice'. The problematic ones are those who claim or/and pretend to have content ownership. One such example would be JLA forums who scrape our Linux advocacy forum. And all that said, I concur with CG who said that proliferation of the content may serve our interests as well. It's not backed by advertisements and no knowledge is being traded /per se/.

Best wishes,


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