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Re: Viruses on Webspace

You have no reason to worry. HTML files cannot contain any viruses. If, and
only if, you uploaded executable files (e.g. in Windows .com, .exe, .bat)
then you have a reason for concern. Also, if you have compressed files (e.g.
zip, rar, gz, tar) which contain executables, then you might want to do
something about it.

Having said that HTML is safe, there are other issues to bear in mind. HTML
can invoke installations that are not from a trusted source. In such a case
you rely on the Web browser. Furthermore, executables can disguise
themselves as JPEGs and the like, but they only become malignant if files
get renamed.

Hope this helps,



"Andy" <andy@indigo.ie> wrote in message
> I have been updating my webspace by FTP today and some strange things
> started happening on my PC prior to updating my website with diallers
> downloading and loads of webpages opening up. After uploading an Index
> onto my website I decided to run a Virus check using my up to date virus
> checker (I am silly for not manually running the antivirus as soon as the
> started going weird) anyway the virus checker came up with 3 viruses
> Trojans. Unfortunately the virus checker could not heal them and would not
> place them into the Virus vault so I had to manually go into safe mode and
> delete the files.
> My two main questions and concerns is this. If I had Viruses on my hard
> drive and then uploaded the Index.html file by ftp from my hard drive to
> webspace is it possible I have uploaded a virus to my webspace or is this
> not a possible thing to do. I.E. could a virus have attached itself to the
> Index.html file?
> My second question is this, if I have indeed uploaded a virus to my
> is there a way I could check for viruses in my webspace area?
> The weird thing that seems to be happening now is that if I want to edit a
> html file on my webspace now using WSFTP95 it opens a file for editing and
> then seems to immediately upload another file which I have never noticed
> doing before.
> Please help - I am paranoid about this now, I don't want people going to
> site and finding they have triggered off a virus to download to their PC.
> Thanks,
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> Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
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