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Re: Link from plot data points

There is yet a problem. ButtonDownFcn is only invoked if the <axes> object
is set to no visibility, possibly Enable='off'. Otherwise Callback is
invoked and I found absolutely no way of getting ButtonDownFcn to have any
effect. There is no property called Axes.Enable either.

A Web engine search only revealed more people who experience the exact same
problem, but no solutions. Help would be highly appreciated.


"Steven Lord" <slord@mathworks.com> wrote in message
> Roy S Schestowitz wrote:
> > With relation to that question, can I possibly have a callback
> > function invoked when I click a figure? I want to be able to run some
> > commands when a picture in my GUI is pressed.
> Take a look at the following page:
> All the documented properties of the Handle Graphics objects are listed
> here.  In particular, both Figure and Image objects have a property called
> ButtonDownFcn that does pretty much what you would expect from the name -- 
> it executes the function stored in that property when you click your mouse
> while the pointer is on that object.  Figure also has a few other
> that you might find useful: look at the WindowButton* properties.
> Another link you and the OP may find useful is
> http://www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/data/2045.shtml -- this has an
> example of something similar to what you and the OP described you wanted
> do.
> -- 
> Steve Lord
> slord@mathworks.com

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