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Re: Coloring certain lines in a GUI 'edit' box

I don't know exactly what the problem you are trying to solve is, but what I
proposed will impose the same problems you might have with a multi-line
editable text box. If you limit yourself to, let us say, the 10 most
significant figures to be displayed, then you need to do some variable
copying from the original data that you intended to display as multi-line
data (which most possibly was destined to be truncated in a multi-line box).

Another solution might be to fiddle with the visibility of the text boxes so
that you are never left with empty ones on the screen.

Yom Tov,


"Utzli Gutzli" <dont@send.spam.mail> wrote in message
> Roy S Schestowitz wrote:
> >
> >
> > I am quite sure that this is just wishful thinking.
> >
> > With most GUI packages like QT or GTK even being able to change the
> > color of
> > the *whole* editable box would not be possible; colours are managed
> > by the
> > windows manager. I don't think Java would be an exception to this
> > and you
> > might be better off splitting your multi-line editable box into
> > several
> > single-lined boxes with distinct colours. It means you then have to
> > write
> > some more code, but at least colouring then becomes simpler.
> >
> > Roy
> >
> > <http://www.danielsorogon.com/Webmaster>
> Thanks Roy,
> Changing the color of the 'edit' box is easy. Suppose you have in
> your GUI (created with the GUIED of MatLab 6.5 rel. 13) an 'edit' box
> named 'my_text'. The command:
> Set(handles.my_text, 'backgroundcolor', 'red') ;
> will change its background to red.
> As for breaking the 'edit' box to many boxes, I don't mind to write
> extra code (this is what I do for a living.) only I don't know
> beforehand how many numbers (lines) the user will put there. So I
> don't know how to create the write number of one line 'edit' (or
> 'text') boxes, and how to put them all on the screen.
> I will appreciate any help and comments,
> Utzli

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