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Re: battery life?


That's true and I am aware of it. The batteries you get with the T, probably
lithium, can be sufficiently good to endure the long hours spent during the
"lifetime" of your device. Likewise, the batteries on motherboards go flat
after about 5 years and, by that point, the user of the computer will not
mind the computer's inability to keep correct time. Having said that, it all
depends on how often you use your PDA and what processes you run on it. Does
the inconvenient feeling of your device being low on power worth the cost of
a new battery?


"Alan Meyer" <ameyer2@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> Roy,
> I'm curious, do you have a source for this information?
> I have read different things, not only about the so called "memory effect"
> that CDS batteries have, lithium batteries apparently don't have, and NiMH
> batteries may or may not have, but also about the number of charges a
> battery can take.  One claim I've read is that any rechargeable, of any
> type, including lithium, can only be charged for some maximum number
> of times.  If that's true, you want to avoid charging if it doesn't need
> i.e., don't plug it in every time you use it.  Only plug it in when it
> recharging.
>    Alan
> "Roy S Schestowitz"
> wrote in message news:c3gohn$2gms$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
> > You can charge the battery every time it's put on the cradle. The
> > will most likely be fine until the day your Tungsten T is not of much
> > anymore. Having said that, my Palm is run on battery only about an hour
> > day sp other people out there can tell you different stories.
> >
> > Roy
> >
> > "HazeWiazrd" <Haze4wizard@easynet.be> wrote in message
> > news:405b4489$0$1119$6c56d894@feed0.news.be.easynet.net...
> > > I have the tungsten T now for a week (new for 200 euro's).
> > > How can i keep the battery in good condition (Tungsten T).
> > > Do i have the battery comes complitly empty and load the battery
> completly
> > > up for 3 times at lest
> > >
> > > or
> > >
> > > can i load the battery up, every time i think its needed (if it is
> almost
> > > empty).
> > > and the battery stays in good condition for a long life?
> > >
> > > thanks in advance
> > >
> > >
> >
> >

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