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Re: Can't edit appointments in desktop

Clearly that sounds like a software bug. I have myself experienced some
problems with Palm Desktop 4, for example American and non-American dates
(e.g. 17/12 versus 12/17) conflicts and password failures. What I suggest
you do is try and install a newer version of Palm Desktop or even an older
one (although this is less likely to resolve the issue). On-line sources
will rarely provide you with irrelevant versions of the software so people
in this newsgroup may be of more help. Alternatively, contact Palm directly
stating that owing to the bug, you would like them to send you another
version of their software.

Hope this helps,


"dcurtis" <dave@davecurtis.net> wrote in message
> Previously desktop worked fine.
> Yesterday I upgraded to Windows Xp and downloaded and installed desktop
> 4.01. I synced with my Treo 270. There were some weird initial things
> happening with appointments, such as all the 15.30 ones for a week
> appearing 23.30, but I adjusted them.
> Now I can't edit any appointments with the desktop. They appear OK on
> screen. If I open one the text is absent and if I click on Repeat or
> Note I get a message saying "An unsupported operation was attempted."
> What on earth is going on? I tried deleting the whole datebook off the
> PC and synced again from the Treo but same problem.
> I can't find any report of errors like this anywhere. Any suggestions?
>   - Dave Curtis

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