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Re: God=G_uv ..An Historical Colloquy

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:06:06 -0600, Kamerynn <idon'tdoemail@sorry.com> wrote:

[posted by G. Hammond, moderator r-spog]

>Mani Deli wrote:
>> On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:12:41 GMT, gh moderator r-spog
>> <nospam@nospam.com> wrote:
>>> There
>>>is only a physical description of the Moon.  Same is true
>>>of God...
>> But the description of the moon is based on evidence and gods are
>> based on fantasy whatever the definitions.

   The discovery of a comprehensive and experimentally proven
explanation and proof of God (SPoG-  Hammond 2003) has now
demonstrated that the so called "gods" of historical polytheism
are nothing more than the "personality types" of Man as
identified and measured by modern Psychometry.
  So certainly, since personality can be measured and observed
experimentally, the "gods" are now clearly observable and
measurable by modern science... to 2 decimal places as a
matter of fact.  See for instance (Hammond, 2003, peer
reviewed literature), Section 6, page 240:


for an identification and "measurement" of the 48 "gods" of
historical polytheismm, as well as the "God" of monotheism.
   Again, note that this is NOT a "definition" of the gods... it
is a physical observation and "measurement" of the gods!

>>>there is no such thing as a "defintion of God"
>>>there is only a "physical description" of God.
>> Based on theology which is fantasy because we can't study gods.

Answered above.

>      As you've seen, George doesn't wish to respond to such
>thought.  When told that God isn't accessible to sense experience,
>George simply reiterates that he's studied "God" and come up
>with a "physical description" of him.

   This statement is a blatent falsehood.  An axiomatic physics,
experimentally proven and measureable structure has been
discovered which comprehensively explains and confirms
the 3,000 year old historical description of God and Religion.
   This scientific discovery shows that the "gods" as well
as "God" certainly IS accessible to "sense experience" and
moreover is actually measureable to 2 decimal point accuracy.

>>> Historically this physical description was obtained by
>>>observations of human behavor. 
>> --not evidence.

Physical observations of human behavior are certainly
"evidence".  Fact is such "evidence" is presented in
courts of law every day as just that.... "evidence"!

>      That's right - physical descriptions obtained through
>observing human behaviour is not description of God, obtained
>through observing God.

  WRONG.  It certainly IS an observation of God.  Any reference
to an individual's unconscious mind is in fact a "description of
God".  And a person's unconscious (ungrown) mind is visible
to the naked eye, of other observers.
   Every person's "unconscious mind"  (ungrown mind/ungrown bnain)
is clearly visible to OTHER people... although invisible to himself.
This is the basis of all jokes about people... for instance why
George Bush is referred to as "dubblya".  It is the origin of every
"nickname" ever invented.... a "nickname" is the name given
to your unconscious mind (e.g. the ungrown part of your body/brain).
When we call somebody by a nickname we are making reference
to his "God"... that is his ungrown body... which can be (partially)
seen by other people.... and in fact measured by modern
Psychometry.... and in fact is now explained theoretically by
modern physics (Hammond 1994, 2003)..  SO... "God" is
visible to the naked eye... if you know what your looking at.
Fact is, everyone sees it.... but few know what it is!

>  Since we cannot observe God, and run
>testes on him, he is not the proper focus of a scientific analysis.

clearly you are worng:

1.  God is visible to the naked eye.
     (to those who know what it is)

2.  Modern Psychometry is the science of
     actually measuring God to 2 decimal places.

All I can say Kam... is that it's time for you to catch up
with the times... the times they are a changin... and
your old school tautologies are rapidly being
outdated.... frankly people are tired of listening to
them, and already suspect that it's about time
for a major advance in this area... in view of the
rapidly changing world social condition.



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