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Re: Palm OS versus Pocket PC

Harry wrote:

> I have been a Palm OS user for at least 5 years now. I am about to
> renew my Sony Clie and I am currently undecided whether to go for an
> HP IPAQ or stick to a Palm OS. I noted that the Pocket PC has recently
> gained a lot of grounds on the Palm OS in terms of sale figures. Is
> this anything to go by???? I would appreciate any views on the matter.
> What are the pros & cons of both OS? Hope to hear from you guys as I
> intend to offer myself one for Xmas...... Thanks Robert

I am strongly against PPC, but I will try to give you an honest advice.

Pocket PC is intended to provide a Window$ environment -- a environment that
most people are accustomed to. Whether or no Window$ is a good environment
for work, well, that's a matter of personal preference. One guy in UseNet
called PPC 'mini-Window$' and I believe he was quite correct.

Palm was made to suit the organisational and professional needs of people on
the move. There are many arguments that support it, e.g. comparably small
dimensions, quick navigation and data durability.

I sometimes find myself sitting in front of a powerful PC and yet spending
half an hour working on my Palm, not the keyboard and the mouse. This comes
to prove that different platforms suit different needs.

Roy Schestowitz

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