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Re: Palm OS versus Pocket PC

Begin  Harry quote:

; I have been a Palm OS user for at least 5 years now. I am about to
; renew my Sony Clie and I am currently undecided whether to go for an
; HP IPAQ or stick to a Palm OS. I noted that the Pocket PC has recently
; gained a lot of grounds on the Palm OS in terms of sale figures. Is
; this anything to go by???? I would appreciate any views on the matter.
; What are the pros & cons of both OS? Hope to hear from you guys as I
; intend to offer myself one for Xmas...... Thanks Robert

I prefer Palms partly on general principle, but I do understand that
others legitimately like the PPC.  That said, I think you should
completely ignore the sales figures and look at practical issues.  The
first being your to-date investment in the Palm world.

Not counting the cost of the hardware, but the software.  I presume
that you have purchased and registered software installed on your Clie.
In almost all cases, you will be able to transfer them to a new PalmOS
device without having to pay anything more.  If you switch to a PPC,
you will have to buy all new software all over again.  If what you have
now suites your needs software wise, then upgrade within the same

Balanced against this is hardware needs.  Are you looking for a
specific function or feature that is either better implemented or only
available on a PPC?  If not, then stay with a PalmOS.

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