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Re: another LORD is fading away

  • Subject: Re: another LORD is fading away
  • From: "Steven Lord" <slord@mathworks.com>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 09:19:21 -0500
  • Newsgroups: comp.soft-sys.matlab
  • Organization: The MathWorks, Inc.
  • References: <eef3cf2.-1@webx.raydaftYaTP>
  • Reply-to: "Steven Lord" <slord@mathworks.com>
  • Xref: news.mcc.ac.uk comp.soft-sys.matlab:193453
"us" <us@neurol.unizh.ch> wrote in message
> as was to be expected sooner or later: another VERY VERY dear and
> most gentle lord seems to be fading away from CSSM slowly yet
> steadyly - just like so many other very charming TMW flowers - into
> realms and grounds still unknown to ye faithful ML disciples...
> most of the visitors will not know what i'm deploring - it does not
> matter to me and those who know - just do realize that life will
> end...
> us, in sadness
> ps: i would like to congratulate TMW to be able and willing to always
> find a truly gentle person to represent the company at CSSM

Wow ... programming skill, medical skill, _and_ melodrama.  You've got it
all, Urs!

On a more serious note, unless you know something I don't, Urs, I don't
think I'm going anywhere.  Now true, I have been posting to CSSM less
frequently than I used to recently, but there are a few reasons for that:

1) My duties have recently (in the past few months) changed and I've been
getting traction in my new position.  They changed earlier this year, but
recently they changed again and I'm adjusting.

2) In the past few weeks, I've been particularly busy with some extra work
that's taken a lot of my time.  It was particularly time-consuming over the
past week.

3) You, Brett, Peter, and everybody else (this post would be several pages
longer if I listed everybody's names that should be here) have been doing
such a great job in answering the questions that a lot of the time, I
haven't needed to respond to many postings :)

If on the other hand you _do_ know something I don't (about my situation ...
I _know_ there's other stuff you know that I don't), Urs, send me email and
let me know ;)

Now just so you don't worry that I'm not posting for the rest of the week, I
will be out of the office for Wednesday through Friday (Thanksgiving holiday
in the United States is on Thursday) and will likely not have internet
access, but I will be back on Monday.


Steve "it's nice to know I'd be missed if I left" Lord

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