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Re: another LORD is fading away

"Steven Lord" <slord@mathworks.com> wrote in message
> "us" <us@neurol.unizh.ch> wrote in message
> eef3cf2.-1@webx.raydaftYaTP">news:eef3cf2.-1@webx.raydaftYaTP...
> > as was to be expected sooner or later: another VERY VERY dear and
> > most gentle lord seems to be fading away from CSSM slowly yet
> > steadyly - just like so many other very charming TMW flowers - into
> > realms and grounds still unknown to ye faithful ML disciples...
> >
> > most of the visitors will not know what i'm deploring - it does not
> > matter to me and those who know - just do realize that life will
> > end...
> >
> > us, in sadness
> >
> > ps: i would like to congratulate TMW to be able and willing to always
> > find a truly gentle person to represent the company at CSSM
> Wow ... programming skill, medical skill, _and_ melodrama.  You've got it
> all, Urs!
> On a more serious note, unless you know something I don't, Urs, I don't
> think I'm going anywhere.  Now true, I have been posting to CSSM less
> frequently than I used to recently, but there are a few reasons for that:
> 1) My duties have recently (in the past few months) changed and I've been
> getting traction in my new position.  They changed earlier this year, but
> recently they changed again and I'm adjusting.
> 2) In the past few weeks, I've been particularly busy with some extra work
> that's taken a lot of my time.  It was particularly time-consuming over
> past week.
> 3) You, Brett, Peter, and everybody else (this post would be several pages
> longer if I listed everybody's names that should be here) have been doing
> such a great job in answering the questions that a lot of the time, I
> haven't needed to respond to many postings :)
> If on the other hand you _do_ know something I don't (about my situation
> I _know_ there's other stuff you know that I don't), Urs, send me email
> let me know ;)
> Now just so you don't worry that I'm not posting for the rest of the week,
> will be out of the office for Wednesday through Friday (Thanksgiving
> in the United States is on Thursday) and will likely not have internet
> access, but I will be back on Monday.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Steve "it's nice to know I'd be missed if I left" Lord
> slord@mathworks.com

Glad you are staying on. But if you do leave, can you steal a bunch to
company logo T-shifts and send them to us, first? :-)
Seriously, few people have the patience to continue answering the newbie
questions with unrelenting grace. Personally, I am not in that category, but
am glad some, as you, are. A credit to your company, and all that.


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