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Re: Storage Card Question

John wrote:

> Can you just leave your sd card in the slot all the time?  What would be
> the downside to that?
> John
> "Roy S Schestowitz" <roy-at-schestowitz-dot-com@use-address-before-at.com>
> wrote in message chu556$2031$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:chu556$2031$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>> Scott wrote:
>> > My wife loves her new Palm Zire 72 with 32mb RAM.  After installing
>> > several programs (incl. games)  and about 10 mb of images, there's only
>> > 30% free memory left.  It looks like an SD card isnext additon  The
>> > question is, what should I  move to the SD card?  Images, games.
>> > programs?  Also, what's the proper procedure for moving data and
>> > programs to the card?
>> Move what you use the least often. Every time you run a program which is
>> stored on the SD card, it will be copied to the Palm and you'll encounter
>> delays. Large images and PDF files I attempt _not_ to put on the SD card.
> I
>> use the SD card for games instead.
>> Also keep the number of files on the SD card low. I can't stress this
>> strongly enough! Every time you insert the card, the list of files will
>> be fetched.
>> To move data, go to the launcher (a.k.a. 'Home') -> App menu -> Copy.
>> Best Wishes
>> --
>> Roy Schestowitz
>> http://schestowitz.com

The card can remain inside the slot without being fully inserted; at least
this was the case with the M100 series. If you have the card inserted all
the time, then you might experience long delays when invoking the launcher
or running an application that scans the card.

...But it's all a matter of preference...

Roy Schestowitz

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