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Re: Re: avoid microdirect.co.uk!!

dom wrote:

> I don't think they are dishonest, possibly a victim of their own
> success. It is not easy to get to their customer service department -
> apparently they only have 3 guys servicing 5 lines.
> I have recently sent a letter of complaint since have had enough :
> 1: Didn't get bare-bones Shuttle case delivered as part of an order. I
> email pictures of the delivery box to prove it would not have fitted.
> It got delivered though a couple of days later.
> 2: It doesn't work, motherboard problem.
> 3: They 'fix' it and send it back, which not only didn't work, was a
> different colour, and came with a non UK power plug?! (I suspect the
> wrong box was sent to the wrong place type of thing)
> 4: I sent it back a week ago. Just can't get through to the customer
> service department. They refunded one lot of postage but is nothing
> compared to the annoyance/hassle/inconvenience they have caused.
> 5: I previously recommended them, but will do the opposite from now on,
> unless they happen to do something pretty major to change my view,
> which am not that hopeful.
> Just don't use them, find someone else.

That view neglects to mention all the positive stories of full customer
satisfaction. Could you name 1 or 2 of your close or distant friends who
had similar experiences? If not, then perhaps you are just a statistical

Roy Schestowitz
Never had bad experiences with MD

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