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Re: Digitizer Problems

  • Subject: Re: Digitizer Problems
  • From: "Moot" <>
  • Date: 26 Oct 2004 11:30:29 -0700
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--- Kevin I Chapple <> wrote:

> "Pray tell us, oh wise one, about the Open Palm Surgery"
> Enlighten us
> :-)

I used a very handy guide located here:

>From some other people having the same problem with the T|T, it was
determined that the connectors for the ribbon cable mentioned in step
10 were the most likely culprit.  All I did was detach the cable, make
sure the connector was clean, then reattach it.  I also put some scotch
tape over the bottom one and around the side of the unit to help hold
it in place, just in case.

Since then, it hasn't been perfect, but greatly improved.  I used to
have to recalibrate the digitizer every time I turned it on, but that
has been reduced to about 1 recalibration per week or so.  A
significant improvement.

A few words of warning:
-Opening the unit will VOID your warranty, if it is still applicable.
-To fully open the unit, you will need to disconnect the battery.  This
means all of your data will be lost (essentially the same as a hard
reset), so remember to back it all up beforehand.

As I said, I don't know what unit the original poster has, but if it is
one of the T|T lines, this could be the problem.  I have heard of other
units also having the 'mad digitizer syndrome', and other supposed
solutions, but of those I am unfamiliar. Hope that information helps
someone, though,


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