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Re: Dead hard drive - chances of ressuscitation?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Saggy wrote:
>> "Mark Blunden" <> wrote in message
>> clnl8i$rkt$">news:clnl8i$rkt$
>>> My PC was working just fine up until I shut it down yesterday
>>> morning. In the evening when I switched it on, my C: drive would do
>>> nothing but emit low grinding noises -
>>> "grn-grn-grn-grn....grn-grn-grn-grn". It's an IBM Deskstar 60GB
>>> model, a standard ATA/IDE drive, probably about 3-4 years old now.
>>> There's nothing absolutely essential on it that wasn't backed up,
>>> but there are some files - recent e-mails, mostly - that I'd like
>>> to recover if it's possible without spending a fortune. What are
>>> the chances that the fault
>> is
>>> something that can be repaired fairly cheaply? (I'm not really
>>> holding out much hope).
>>> Also, are there any models or manufacturers I should particularly
>>> avoid when buying a replacement drive?
> An IBM hard drive I have had for 2 years died 2 months ago. The
> noises went away and retruned sporadically. Sometimes the drive would
> not start for entire days although I tried every hour or so. So my
> point is: keep trying! This went on for about 2 weeks before I put it
> away. It should still be operable at times.
> I bought another IBM (Hitachi?) hard drive despite the bad experience.

Thanks very much for the ray of hope - I'll buy a new drive (was at the
point of needing extra space anyway), but will keep trying to revive the old
one long enough to retrieve the data.



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