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Re: Dead hard drive - chances of ressuscitation?

Andrew Sayers wrote:

> "Mark Blunden" <>  wrote:
>>My PC was working just fine up until I shut it down yesterday morning. In
>>the evening when I switched it on, my C: drive would do nothing but emit
>>low grinding noises - "grn-grn-grn-grn....grn-grn-grn-grn". It's an IBM
>>Deskstar 60GB model, a standard ATA/IDE drive, probably about 3-4 years
>>old now.
>>There's nothing absolutely essential on it that wasn't backed up, but
>>there are some files - recent e-mails, mostly - that I'd like to recover
>>if it's possible without spending a fortune. What are the chances that the
>>fault is something that can be repaired fairly cheaply? (I'm not really
>>holding out much hope).
> Try wrapping it in an anti-static bag and putting it in the freezer for a
> couple of hours. Sometimes this will get a drive working for long enough
> to get your data off it. No guarantees though.
>>Also, are there any models or manufacturers I should particularly avoid
>>when buying a replacement drive?
> I like Western Digital drives, but you'll probably get a wide range of
> views about most makes.

Word of mouth suggests that Maxtor are now among the best. This is
surprising to me because 5 years back Maxtor only appeared to be the 'cheap
option'. Western Digital, on the other hand, had the reputation; I don't
know if it was ever lost...

Roy Schestowitz

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