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Re: Scaling IMG

Mark Parnell wrote:

> Previously in alt.html, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
> said:
>> Mark Parnell wrote:
> [Resizing images]
>>> Even a basic image editing program should be able to handle that.
>> Although it is not a perfect analogy, it is similar to saying "I can make
>> this Web page in Word and it looks okay on my computer".
> Your original request bears more similarity to that analogy than my
> answer does.

I read the original message again. I struggle to see how it is so, but like
I already said, it was not a good analogy. It's the use of a program that
is not ideal for the job...

>> I want to use the
>> powers of HTML/CSS rather than editing images.
> It's like saying you want to display the image with a yellow background
> instead of blue using HTML and CSS. The height and width of an image are
> an intrinsic part of the image itself, and thus are best changed in a
> program designed for that purpose.

One could argue that a better environment should intergrate Web design with
graphical design.

>>> Yes, but resizing images in HTML is a bad idea anyway. Use a proper
>>> image editor.
>> But that's done off-line.
> Well not necessarily, but in most cases it is, yes.
>> What if I want to have one image displayed in two
>> different forms (sizes)
> Upload 2 copies of the image in different sizes.
>> without duplicating?
> You only upload the smaller one and put up with the ugly enlargement. Or
> you only upload the larger one, and anyone on dialup will hate you
> because they have to download the larger file, even if they are only
> looking at the smaller one.

Good point. I might try that.

Roy S. Schestowitz

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