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Re: Scaling IMG

Hywel Jenkins wrote:

> In article <d47all$2oe9$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk>, newsgroups@schestowitz.com
> says...
>> I have been been searching the Web, trying to find a way of resizing
>> images while retaining the original aspect ratio. I know I can use
>> 'height' and 'width', but finding out the necessary values for many
>> images is laborious. Is there an equivalent (with or without CSS) to
>> 'scale' in LaTeX? For example <img scale="80%" src="myimage" />?
>> Thanks in advance,
> Do it with the appropriate software.  Here's why: if you image is
> 600x600 pixels and weighs 200k, "scaling" it in HTML or CSS will simply
> result in the download of a 600x600 pixel, 200k image being displayed
> poorly.  The poor sucker at the end of the line still has to download
> the image at full size.

It might be too late to point this out, but image size does not matter as it
is a page that I only use myself (a presentation). What's more, I cannot
process the images offline because I do not know what size I want them to
be. I wish to be able to change the size in the source and then refresh the
page. I cannot measure distances in the page to check for good fit because
font size is determined on the fly, depending on the content, screen size,
etc. If I need to do all of this about 30 times, then it becomes

You would be in trouble if you had to process images in order for LaTeX to
fit figures properly in the page. This is something which involves a lot of


Roy S. Schestowitz

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