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Re: Scaling IMG

In article <d49egt$190h$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk>, newsgroups@schestowitz.com 
> Hywel Jenkins wrote:
> > In article <d47all$2oe9$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk>, newsgroups@schestowitz.com
> > says...
> >> I have been been searching the Web, trying to find a way of resizing
> >> images while retaining the original aspect ratio. I know I can use
> >> 'height' and 'width', but finding out the necessary values for many
> >> images is laborious. Is there an equivalent (with or without CSS) to
> >> 'scale' in LaTeX? For example <img scale="80%" src="myimage" />?
> >> 
> >> Thanks in advance,
> > 
> > Do it with the appropriate software.  Here's why: if you image is
> > 600x600 pixels and weighs 200k, "scaling" it in HTML or CSS will simply
> > result in the download of a 600x600 pixel, 200k image being displayed
> > poorly.  The poor sucker at the end of the line still has to download
> > the image at full size.
> It might be too late to point this out, but image size does not matter as it
> is a page that I only use myself (a presentation). What's more, I cannot
> process the images offline because I do not know what size I want them to
> be. I wish to be able to change the size in the source and then refresh the
> page. I cannot measure distances in the page to check for good fit because
> font size is determined on the fly, depending on the content, screen size,
> etc. If I need to do all of this about 30 times, then it becomes
> impractical.

Then do it server-side with PHP and GD2.

> You would be in trouble if you had to process images in order for LaTeX to
> fit figures properly in the page. This is something which involves a lot of
> iterations.

Who cares?  What's LaTeX got to do with your question?


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